Dare to Pursue Your Dreams

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Not so long ago when you asked someone what they wanted to be, they would say fervently, “I want to be somebody.” We knew that meant somebody that other people looked up to. It might have been a sports figure, a politician, or an important person in the business world. They had respect.

I attended a funeral service for a friend in the small chapel in Arlington Cemetery a few years ago. In his eulogy praising his father, the son said, “My father thought he was SOMEBODY because he was a Toastmaster.” As we walked to the grave site, the son caught up with me and began talking about forming a Toastmasters club at the law school he was attending. At first I was shocked thinking that was disrespectful. Then he explained that it was going to be in his father’s memory.

Be Yourself

“Who Am I”

Today we are focused on being ourselves, finding our purpose, living life on our terms. That’s not a bad thing; and not so different from being SOMEBODY. In fact, it may be a lot harder than being “somebody.”

We begin with the question, “Who am I?” Who am I really, when the party is over and I’m home alone? How much time can I stand to be all alone, without people, phone or Internet connections of any kind? Consider yourself advanced if you mediate, do Yoga, or visualization. Your mind is a key player at this stage of your venture.

We offer you food for thought – some based on personal experience, some from the experience of other people. Much of it from reading and studying the experts. My vision when I formed GoalMinds was and still is: “Touching lives; making a positive difference.”

Participate in a MasterMind Group

http://mastermindmanual.comHave you ever participated in a MasterMind group? Have you wondered how people set up MasterMind groups that seem to be super successful? Are you still going it alone?
Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of the MasterMind in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, after interviewing 504 of the wealthiest people in the US early in the 20th Century. It is only natural then that a MasterMind group is generally considered to be related to creating wealth.

However, when I first read the book, I told myself that riches can mean many things, not just money. My family was not aligned with the thought of becoming rich. I found that MasterMind groups can produce exceptional results no matter what the objectives are. The group can be focused on one goal, such as getting a political candidate elected or a neighborhood problem corrected. Or, each individual in the group can have their own goals. A mastermind group can even be a family or couple! The keys are that they must be in harmony and trust each other. Also each member should participate not only observe. Click here to learn more about mastermind groups.

“The more you participate in a Master Mind Alliance,
the more you develop the habit of successful thinking
and of decisive action.”
Napoleon Hill, Author, Think and Grow Rich

Personal Development

Podcast Show

You might like to see how others have changed their lives by listening to an episode in our Expanding Horizons Podcast Show. If you are not in the U.S. you can still listen on Stitcher Radio  Or maybe you would like to read some interesting and informative articles. If you have time to begin a six step process  of personal development, check out A Millennium Primer: Take Charge of Your Life.

You are creating the person you will become by the way you envision that person, the goals you set, and the actions you take. By exercising your free will and consciously making choices, you become co-creator with the Maker of all things.



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 Story Corps’   mission is to provide people of all backgrounds   and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve  the stories of our lives.




First Edition

Whether a rookie in life, or a seasoned veteran, we all need to take time to tune up our lives. Often, unfortunately, we allow external forces or events to choose when and where this happens. My good friend, Jo Condrill, has made it easy for you to “take charge” of this very important life step with her process, Take Charge of Your Life. Learn it; apply it. Don’t wait for something to happen!

– Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate

Thank you for being with us.